I had something big in my mouth: KFC Tower

This is Lelaina. I make the other half of the food porn writing duo. I put the risque in risquefood.  I go around eating with my FB (food buddy) named V.
For this entry, I explore the fast food, the quickies.



It’s the it thing nowadays that fastfood chains are coming up with items on their menu, that are deemed to be epic and possibly food death inducing. Wendy’s came out with at least 3 variants of their Baconator. KFC came out with Double Down, and only recently, the Tower.
The tallest “burger” on their menu, it has the original recipe fillet, hash browns with lettuce, mayo and cheese in between the kaiser buns.
It is indeed a mouthful.  I skipped the mayo on mine since I don’t really care much for it. At first bite, depending on how much you can take in one ( I can take a lot… ), you’d get the saltiness of the chicken, the crunch of the hash brown and a refreshing taste from the lettuce.  V suggested that a Zinger patty would have been better, to which I agree. The hotness would only add to the feeling that something as “epic” should be forbidden.
I enjoyed my Tower with a tower at Sogo.  I was able to eat mine al fresco, and it added to the experience. It is a nice coincidence that KFC and Sogo share the “so good” marketing tagline
The Tower + al fresco dining + a tower+ Pinoy rom-com= sogood.
KFC Tower: PHP 110 ala carte
                         PHP 140 with drink 

sexy time: Charlie’s Grind and Grill

On a rainy day, I met up with Charlie.
Charlie’s Chicago Snapdawg
NYC is famous for the dirty water hotdogs, although I  love NYC to bits, for me the hotdog battle goes to Chi-town.
Chicago dogs are always only with tomatoes, kosher dill pickles spear, mustard and celery salt. Never ever put ketchup on it, please. Charlie’s version is made with their Snapdawgs ( 100% beef with a snap) and with pickle relish and onion add ons. I took my relish on the side since i’m not really a fan of the sweet and sour pickle.  This is the nth time that I have been with Charlie, and this is the first time I have tasted his dawg. It was sex in my mouth. The taste was so fresh, the tomatoes’ and pickles’ tartness with the salty pepppery snap of the dawg was amazing. The mustard only made the foodgasm stronger. If I may call Charlie out on one thing, the dawg was a tad too small for me… maybe that’s why they offered doubles which I would have eagerly gotten if I had known. When it comes to dawgs, girth matters.
Irish nachos
Ever had an Irish? Irish nachos are waffle cut fries topped with typical nacho toppings: salsa, sour cream, cheese, jalapenos. I had been craving for potatoes and sour cream for the longest time, so this took place of the fries that typically came with a burger order. This would have been divine, if the cheese was not cold and the sour cream actually being sour.  It was a mush of flavors, that turned a potentially awesome experience into a dry hump. I will probably try the chili cheese fries next time.
Angus Burger
This is two bites after. 1/3lb of angus patty, with american cheese, onion, tomato and lettuce.  Ketchup and all other condiments are on the side, which is actually better since it doesn’t make the bread all soggy. Burger is grilled medium rare, like it should always be. It’s like the  good ol’ missionary. Never fails, always delivers.
Charlie’s is one of the few places who offer imported beers. He stocks his fridge with a fairly good selection. It was a rainy day, so getting beer is like the obvious choice. The Blonde Bock. Bock beers are fairly strong with 7% alcohol content. Monks in the old times used to drink this to minimize hunger during fasting. Bock beers are usually dark, this one is lighter hence the name.  From a non beer connoisseur’s point of view, it  was bitter from start til finish. Certainly, a man’s drink, not a sissy beer. It’s creamy with a bitter finish. One bit about this was, a few moments after I stopped drinking the beer, I felt everything relaxing. I realized that the beer probably tensed every muscle while drinking it.
Corona Extra served with the citrus wedge, this case lemon. The Mexican summertime beer. This was sissy, sad to say, I liked this better. If that’s says something about how much of a beer loser I am, so be it. It was diluted with a very faint bitter taste and 5% alcohol content.  It would have been more remarkable if it was called beer- flavored water. Maybe that’s what the promotional lime is for?  Just to have some thing to distinguish it from the others.
So how was my time with Charlie’s? It was not mind blowing this time, but it’s safe to say I finished. I would go back to Charlie’s for a fix anytime.
Charlie’s Grind and Grill
16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Bo. Kapitolyo
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(63 2) 635-4857


The little black book.  illicit. incriminating.hot.

The little black book says it all. For guys (and maybe some girls), it will contain numbers and names of partners ( have beens and potentials).  For the journal writing type, it will have the blow-by-blow account of the steamy happenings the night, minutes, seconds before.

This is my little black book, and food is my partner. It will list all the names and numbers of all my partners. What went on with us, and how many orgasms I have had ( mind you, I don’t fake).  With food, i am promiscuous. I don’t think it minds.